Start browsing our Auction Gallery NOW to pick your favorite, hand made, limited edition Bracelets! Once they’re gone- they’re gone! We ask you to tell all your friends and family and pick out a special piece of “Remember ME” history that will be numbered and stamped as a collectible. “Purity,” and “Trust in ME” make up the bulk, but there are also small numbers of  “exclusives,” like “I Love You” crown of thorns, “Agape,” or “My Maker is My Husband,” that will be in high demand because of the select few. Stay tuned for our Live Internet Auction (TBD- COMING SOON). Keep coming back, bracelets will be continually added until the full amount… approx. 380 bracelets are done.


    The Auction Story is an answer to prayer: Our Gallery of Poetry and Art displays a massive creative expression of God’s Heart. When we realized He wanted us to create more than jewelry we took the first steps with We began designing everything from clothing to cell phone covers. But start-up costs were draining the investment money God brought in faster than we could produce. So where were the additional funds going to come from? We had been praying and when the answer came we were in awe of God’s genius. His gentle whisper was unmistakable…


“Go get the jar of silver rings,

cut, drill, and hammer them

to make Bracelets...”


    I grabbed and dumped the jar full of silver that previously sat useless (they were either odd sizes or discontinued rings). My excitement got the best of me and I ran to the garage in my pajamas to hunt down the tools needed to split, drill, and hammer the rings to distressed perfection. Marcy and Maria agreed; we now had a plan. Not just any plan, but God’s. Join us as we spread The Father’s Heart of Love across the globe!