Elianna Meade


     True to her Namesake Elijah, Elianna Meade is a voice to be reckoned with. Due to circumstances not her own, Ellie was forced to move from safety and security several times during her upbringing. The transitions, though heart wrenching, became the very chisel that carved her character and forged the determination that resides in her soul.  The easiest thing to do as the new kid in town would have been to go with the flow to be accepted. However, Ellie without exception, took the highest road possible to be a follower of Christ, not just in word, but deed. Compromise was never an option and her purity of heart had a profound impact on her peers and friends that watched from the sidelines. Full of wit and humor, even being the perpetual “designated driver” was somehow turned into an opportunity for fun rather than a chore. Elianna attended college right out of high school. However, being the self-aware and intuitive person she is, she knew after one year that four years of college would leave her with little to gain but school loans; her heart was elsewhere. 

    Following her heart has been the mainstay of Elianna’s life, whether in relationships, jobs, or ministry. Her heart longed for adventure, discovery, and a creative opportunity and all were met in a journey to the West Coast. Staying with family in Southern California, Ellie’s leadings were confirmed when she stumbled upon a Spiritual Community through Young Life that was nothing short of supernatural. These fiery young people sparked her passionate embers into blazing flames. She felt a hunger to know God like never before and realized a giant puzzle piece of her life was being divinely put in place. In addition to the spiritual growth spurt, CA also afforded opportunities to film weddings, which has long been a dream of hers.

    You will never say you wish you knew what Elianna was thinking because she is one of the most forthright people you will ever meet, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Being Michelle Meade’s daughter, Ellie has grown up around “Remember ME” Jewelry. She’s attended and worked many festivals and events and had a general understanding of the business, but no real passion for it. If anything, it was a pain in her butt, and meant long hours with little or no pay. It wasn’t until her return from California that she herself was personally touched by the phenomena of “Remember ME.” Wide and wet-eyed she returned from the garage after foraging through the dusty remains of  “Remember ME” inside large plastic bins, as she looked for the perfect gift for a special friend, she said, “Mom This is treasure! It can’t just stay buried inside the garage, the world needs this!” She held a few rings with their poetry and scripture bookmark’s carefully cupped in her hands. She became another victim of The Father’s Heart; thoroughly wrecked by the extravagant Love behind each piece. It wasn’t just a business or her mom’s testimony, it became the revelatory confirmation of Who God Is, and who she is in Him.

    When the funds came in to re-open “Remember ME,” the first task was to re-open our website that had been shut down almost 2 years. As God would have it Elianna was home from California and available. She had a couple nanny jobs but she confidently stepped up to the plate and said she not only thinks she could build our website, but do all the Internet Marketing (including film and photography.) That’s quite a statement for someone who had never done either before. We all responded in faith, bought a professional camera, prayed and cut her loose. What you see on the following pages is the creativity and anointing of Elianna Meade. As you’ll discover, it’s beyond extraordinary. 

    Elianna will spend the next 12 months in California as a student intern for Young Life, while continuing to do contract work for “Remember ME.” We are beyond blessed to have her as a part of our team. Her creativity and enthusiasm are contagious. Everyone who knows her- loves her. Don’t get any ideas…. She’s booked for a long time! ☺