Maria Franks


     Artist, designer, and true to her nickname of “faith,” Maria Franks has been a foundational pillar of “Remember ME.” When her sister Michelle was overcome by mental illness, Maria was the one who spoke Life into her, believed for the impossible, and dared to put her faith on display by drawing the “Remember ME” Symbols when Michelle could barely function. Why bother? Because “against all hope, in hope, Maria believed God.” 

    Maria had already born a testimony of faith; being barren for 12 years, she believed God would do what medicine could not. “Blessed is she who has believed the Lord would do what He has promised her.” Luke 1:28. God answered Maria and gave her four boys, including a double portion with a set of twins!

    Maria is a rare breed of Christian knowing not just about God, but knows His heart intimately. So when her baby sister Michelle said God gave her pictures and poetry as a way to bind our testimony around our neck to always remember His Love and Faithfulness… she didn’t think to doubt. She drew all the Symbol Art from Michelle’s “chicken scratch” concepts and thus “Remember ME” Jewelry was born.

    Yes, rightly dubbed “faith” for a reason, Maria knew “Remember ME” was born of God and that He would do the impossible once again when it appeared on life-support and all but “dead.” And so He did, breathing Life and Resources into it once more. Maria has done most of the designs you will see on these pages, including the Jewelry, Clothing, and Home décor.

    With a Beautiful heart, even bigger than her immense talent, Maria loves large. She believes for an entire generation to be captivated by the irrepressible Love of the Father’s Heart. 

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