Michele Colaner



     Ever been around someone so charismatic, enchanting, and hilarious that you are instantly and magnetically drawn? She says what your too timid to say, she does what you only dare to attempt in the wild side of your dreams, and she’s not the least bit disturbed by the messiness of life. Everything in your soul wants to stand up and say “OH! Please- be my best friend!” Well almost everything, there’s a tiny percentage of raw fear that feeds the adrenaline of the deliberate and cautious steps as you approach. Knowing if contact is made- life will never be the same. Dramatic? Yes. But every word true when it comes to encountering and being befriended by the one and only Michele Colaner.

    Being nearly 6 foot tall, her stature alone causes heads to turn. But what really causes heads to roll, and I mean roll off in a fit of laughter is when Michele opens her mouth. She has the kind of presence that given a microphone in any situation, she would effortlessly handle the room in riotous delight. It’s a gift. Gifts are good right? Generally so, but Michele has been endowed with such an overflow of gifts and talents that she can easily get distracted from one genius idea to the next. What is packaged up inside her soul could sustain and fame an entire city. Michele can literally do anything she sets her sights to. Anything. Build or re-model a house, paint a masterpiece on canvas, create cookies so life-like you can’t eat them because they must be hung in an art gallery somewhere. I kid you “knot,” she hand spins her own yarn and will knit something so stunning that Knitting will have to create a new genre all her own to accommodate that level of excellence. 

    20 years ago I walked into Michele’s life and I am still picking my jaw up off the floor every time I encounter her. She puts Rosie the Riveter and Martha Stewart to shame, and that’s before noon, without trying.

    Early on in the development of “Remember ME,” when we were faced with the challenge of cutting our designs out of magnesium plates, there was really only one option; Michele. Of course with years of intensive training Jewelers can do a professional job. But it was unanimous, get Michele the right tools, pray over her, and cut her loose. Michele got ‘er done with such precision that when we took the magnesium pendants and rings to a local jeweler he admired her work, and then his jaw dropped in disbelief when he found out she had zero training. Craftsman of many; master of all. 

    Getting to heart of things, you’ll encounter none more precious than Michele. Her sensitivity, discernment, and genuine love for people are infectious. Many times when Michelle Meade was sick, Michele gathered her up, took her into her home, and loved her back to sanity. The only person she ever had real trouble liking was the one in her mirror. God had an answer for that. Have her locked in a basement room for weeks on end, cutting out these facets of His Father’s Heart, so that one by precious one, their meaning and love saturated hers. She was undone. Was it really possible that God IS Love as He says? She found out in the depths of her soul, she was His Heart’s Desire. Knowing and believing that has forever changed Michele Colaner. Her bounteous talent on loan from God is spent glorifying His Name and encouraging countless women with our truth tagline “If He can transform and use a mess like us, there is nothing you can’t do.” And when Michele Colaner makes a home in your heart, it will be forever. Soul sister’s, kindred spirits, whatever you want to call it, you’ll be bound together in love throughout eternity. Watch as Remember ME continues to develop: there will be more of Michele’s designs and lots of M.P.V’s (Michele Perspective Videos) streaming on our site.