Michelle Meade



      A decade before the term “hot mess” became cool Michelle Meade was living it large. She was treading water with emotional disarray, motherhood chaos, and a marriage fiasco. But it was the secret, uncontrollable mental anguish that pushed her head under water, causing her to gasp for air. Her journey to wholeness was a dangerous climb because of the bloody wars fought in the silent confines of her unquiet mind. Things most people took for granted became her desperate longing. She couldn’t sleep, taste food, peer into the loving eyes of her husband or children, or feel anything but pain. To somehow make sense of a madness she could not control or explain, she began to search for God with all her heart. She clung to the words of the Psalmist David “Lord you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them” (Psalm 10:17). 

    Then she experienced God. Through His Word she encountered a Person and not a theology as her eyes opened to see His beautiful, irrepressible heart lovingly woven throughout each page cover to cover. This revelation of The Father’s Heart of Love was the tragic missing component of all her Biblical knowledge and was the inspiration behind each piece of what was to become “Remember ME”®. The scriptures and poetry were scribbled onto scrap pieces of tear-stained paper often in the middle of tortured nights as lifelines, preserving her with the nourishment needed for that moment. These were not merely doctrinal Truths, but living Hope tattooed on her soul by the finger of God. She found His Grace inexhaustible, His Comfort limitless, and His Love everlasting. He said, “Bind your testimony around your neck that you might always remember My Love and Faithfulness; Remember ME, I’m the One who loves you.” 

Michelle’s  first book, The Sky IS Always Blue  details her harrowing ordeal, and shares with heartbreaking honesty how God pulled her from the deep waters and carried her safely to shore. [Click here to purchase].

    Michelle is the first one to admit, like Peter if she takes her eyes off Jesus, she quickly sinks beneath the waves. She has learned however to live in love by fixing her eyes on His blazing eyes of fiery Love. Her whole testimony can be told with her favorite Symbol. It was first titled “Lover,” and for 12 straight years it was securely fastened around her neck.



you think this and that can mask the pain

you search to be made whole

but nothing else can fill the void

‘cept the Lover of your soul



    Then in 2015, Michelle was in battle of her life. When it looked like everything God had promised her was lying in ruins; a 26-year marriage, “Remember ME” Jewelry, and her sanity, the depth of God’s Love rescued her once more. It was in this furnace of untold affliction that Jesus went from being the “Lover” of Michelle’s soul to becoming her First Love.


“First Love”


me looking at You looking at me

undone by the pure passion i see

none can compare, i’m lost in Your gaze

abandoned in Love to all of Your ways

the Mingling of Myrrhs, treasured above

refine and refuel, the flames of First Love