About us

    We are a group of self-asserted “misfits;” all with testimonies that say God took our MESS and turned it into HIS MESSAGE of Hope and Redemption. Nothing beyond high school educations our resumes are laughable to the business world. But to God, just like when He picked His 12 Disciples- we’re the perfect mix of desperation, desire, and total dependence upon Him. Be encouraged

As you browse these pages. If God can do all of this with our nothingness, imagine what HE can do with you; dare to believe.

Our Team
Michelle Meade

   A decade before the term “hot mess” became cool Michelle Meade was living it large. She was treading water with emotional disarray, motherhood chaos, and a marriage fiasco. But it was the secret, uncontrollable mental anguish that pushed her head under water, causing her to gasp for air. Her journey to wholeness was a dangerous climb because of the bloody wars fought in the silent confines of her unquiet mind. Things most people took for granted became her desperate longing. She couldn’t sleep, taste food, peer into the loving eyes of her husband or children, or feel anything but pain. To somehow make sense of a madness she could not control or explain, she began to search for God with all her heart. She clung to the words of the Psalmist David “Lord you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them” (Psalm 10:17). 

    Then she experienced God. Through His Word she encountered a Person and...

Maria Franks

    Artist, designer, and true to her nickname of “faith,” Maria Franks has been a foundational pillar of “Remember ME.” When her sister Michelle was overcome by mental illness, Maria was the one who spoke Life into her, believed for the impossible, and dared to put her faith on display by drawing the “Remember ME” Symbols when Michelle could barely function. Why bother? Because “against all hope, in hope, Maria believed God.” 

    Maria had already born a testimony of faith; being barren for 12 years, she believed God would do what medicine could not. “Blessed is she who has believed the Lord would do what He has promised her.” Luke 1:28. God answered Maria and gave her four boys, including a double portion with a set of twins!

    Maria is a rare breed of Christian knowing not just about God, but knows His heart intimately. So when her baby sister Michelle said God gave her pictures and poetry as a way to...

Michele Colaner

Ever been around someone so charismatic, enchanting, and hilarious that you are instantly and magnetically drawn? She says what your too timid to say, she does what you only dare to attempt in the wild side of your dreams, and she’s not the least bit disturbed by the messiness of life. Everything in your soul wants to stand up and say “OH! Please- be my best friend!” Well almost everything, there’s a tiny percentage of raw fear that feeds the adrenaline of the deliberate and cautious steps as you approach. Knowing if contact is made- life will never be the same. Dramatic? Yes. But every word true when it comes to encountering and being befriended by the one and only Michele Colaner.

    Being nearly 6 foot tall, her stature alone causes heads to turn. But what really causes heads to roll, and I mean roll off in a fit of laughter is when Michele opens her mouth. She has the kind of presence that given a microphone in any situation, she would effortlessly handle the room in riotous delight. It’s a gift...

Elianna Meade

    True to her Namesake Elijah, Elianna Meade is a voice to be reckoned with. Due to circumstances not her own, Ellie was forced to move from safety and security several times during her upbringing. The transitions, though heart wrenching, became the very chisel that carved her character and forged the determination that resides in her soul.  The easiest thing to do as the new kid in town would have been to go with the flow to be accepted. However, Ellie without exception, took the highest road possible to be a follower of Christ, not just in word, but deed. Compromise was never an option and her purity of heart had a profound impact on her peers and friends that watched from the sidelines. Full of wit and humor, even being the perpetual “designated driver” was somehow turned into an opportunity for fun rather than a chore. Elianna attended college right out of high school. However, being the self-aware and intuitive person she is, she knew after one year that four years of college would leave her with little to gain but school loans...