Amazing Grace

“ Let us boldly draw near to God’s throne of Grace to find mercy for our failures and grace in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

There is a precious place of mercy awaiting you, even when, (especially when) you feel the least deserving. In this “secret place” of your heart you have opportunity to share intimately with The Living God. It is here you approach His throne of Grace. Yet often when we need Him most, we disqualify ourselves from entering in because of our failures and shortcomings. Yet Christ’s blood declares us righteous, meaning He has righted our every wrong and in the process turned our messy hearts into “holy ground.” The atoning work of the cross is so absolute that when Jesus cried out “It is finished,” before taking his last breath, He meant every last strained syllable. Isaiah 54 says, “the punishment for our peace was upon Him…” That means once and for all delivering us from fear (of punishment and death). Now it’s your turn to actually believe it. Believe there is nothing you could do to make Him love you any more, or any less. That’s why “Amazing Grace” is so utterly amazing. Knowing this truth intellectually and living it experientially are two different realities. So the next time you feel your worst, instead of self-soothing with TV or food or commiserating with friends, I challenge you to run into His arms. There you will find the forgiveness, unconditional love, comfort, and courage your soul is longing for, every-single-time.

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