Michelle Meade's Testimony 

I Know

By Michelle Meade


I know your name

I know your fears

I dive into your soul

When capturing all your tears

I hear your cries

I taste your pain

My rent heart tears the sky

My tears fall in the rain

When there's no words left to say

And the pain won’t go away

And you’re feeling like you can’t go on

I Know

When there's no tears left to cry

only endless questions why 

and you’re feeling you can’t try

I know


I know your eyes

I see your heart

I put you back together when 

the piece fell apart

I understand

I wear your shoes

Yet I know you’re hangin’ on

That you might hear good news

Tomorrow’s gonna come

Your race is almost won

This battle overcome

I Know

It’s nearly over now

So don’t throw in the towel

Just hold Me tighter now

I Know