Whether you have been a long time customer of “Remember ME” Jewelry or if you happened to our site for the first time, we WELCOME you! Our Passion is to share The Father’s Heart of Love through Art and Poetry. 

     Once you read ABOUT US, you’ll quickly understand this company is anything but ordinary. God is using a bunch of “misfits” and “nobodies” to lavishly pour out His Father’s Heart to a broken generation.

    Why MORE? Being a message driven company, we had a desire to wear the messages that marked our soul on MORE than just jewelry. Maria and I began putting our favorite Symbol Art and Poetry onto hats, shirts, shorts, interior designs, lanyards, key chains, Christmas ornaments, and much, much, MORE. But the MORE important “MORE” has to do with having MORE of Jesus. As much Love as you have received, you need MORE, as much Peace, Joy, Hope… you need MORE.

     I invite you to explore the website. Get a cup of coffee and read the stories behind our company, and soak deeply in the poetry on our Gallery page. If you open the eyes of your heart, you will journey into the Arms of God. You’ll hear His loving voice of encouragement cheer you to “Overcome,” you’ll feel His divine comfort as He holds your face and says, “I Know,” and you’ll sense His anchoring Presence in the fiercest storm as “Everything” you need. See what God has done with my nothingness; just imagine what your destiny holds. Dare to believe. 



 Michelle Meade

Founder of “Remember ME”